Recently there was an issue that affected some of our customers accounts resulting in the release of their customer information including email, phone and mailing address. I am writing to let you know that no other information was exposed and the matter has been resolved. We apologize for the incident and any inconvenience it may have caused. Rest assured, you can continue to use your WP Coupon service with confidence.

Here’s some additional details:

On January 4 we learned that unauthorized computer “hackers” maliciously exploited a function designed to allow clients access to their information through a remote api. The hackers wrote software code to repeatedly query our system for client information. When a client id existed it output the clients raw account information.

The hackers deliberately went to great efforts to capture customer information and try to gain access to our licensing system.

As soon as we became aware of this situation, we took swift action to prevent any further unauthorized exposure of customers information. Within hours, WP Coupon disabled the api and found the exploit. Only unencrypted information like your email, phone number, mailing address where visible to the hackers. Your password and other personal account information was encrypted. The hackers never had access to WP Coupon licensing system or any payment processors that we use.

While the attack was limited to a few clients, we encourage you to be alert to scams that could attempt to use this information to obtain other data or send you unwanted email. We also encourage you to update your account password as a security precaution. You can learn more about phishing by contacting WP Coupon.

WP Coupon takes your privacy seriously and does not tolerate unauthorized access to its customers’ information or company websites. We will cooperate with law enforcement in any investigation of unauthorized system access and to prosecute violators to the fullest extent of the law.

WP Coupon acted quickly to protect your information – and we promise to keep working around the clock to keep your information safe. Thank you very much for your understanding, and for being an WP Coupon customer.


William VanVreede
CEO and Director of Media Relations for WP Coupon